Hi 👋 I’m Chakravarthy, a geek and an ambitious developer passionate about new technology and it’s capabilities. I live in Bangalore, India which is also known as India’s Silicon Valley. I am mostly into speaking at conferences or meetups and writing stuff.

What I’m up to

  • Making products
  • Building Best experiences with tech
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Maintaining this blog

Current dev stack:

  • Flutter
  • Node.js (TypeScript)
  • GraphQL

Technologies I have used 💻

JavaScript, Java, python, jade/pug, wordpress, Redux, MobX, Firebase, AWS, jQuery, Hugo, Gatsby, Prisma, Apollo, Express

Public Speaking 🔊


Date Conference Name Topic
17.03.2018 ReactFoo - Hyderabad Future of React
26.05.2018 ReactFoo - Mumbai Future of React
18.08.2018 ReactFoo - Delhi Emcee
26.08.2018 JsFoo - Bangalore Emcee


Date Meetup Name Topic
01.09.2018 ReactJS - Bangalore React Native FlatList and GeoLocation
06.10.2018 ReactJS - Bangalore React Native Animations and Interaction
01.12.2018 ReactJS - Bangalore React Native Notifications

Things I made 👷‍‍♂️

Some Achievements 🏆

  • Runner Up @ Startup Weekend Vijayawada

Projects I’m Proud of 🎉

FyndX 🔍

  • Initial thoughts were to be an aggregator and compare products from top players
  • Made an app where it can compare Ola and Uber
  • Ola rejected so shut it down after listening to a friend who made a startup which depends on third party API’s as there is no control with you
  • It’s My First Love

Alightechs 👩‍💻👨‍💻

  • My First Startup with friends
  • Built website on wordpress
  • Using SEO techniques made the site to top of search engines
  • Shut it down after college ☠

Workshops 📚

  • Jan 2014 - Vignan University - Android Workshop

Experience 👴


Software Engineer

Platify is a startup with next generation ideas and transforming e-commerce in a good way. I’m responsible for Making multiple apps in React Native.

Freelancer (Sep 2017 - Mar 2018)

Worked on my own project FyndX Worked with FruitStone for building a Food Ordering App

Remarkable Software Solutions (June 2015 - Sep 2017)

Software Developer

Remarkable Software Services is provides games. I’m responsible for UI redisign of Dashboard in frontend and moving our backend to Node.js